urban slam

Step 1: Click here to view clips from our selection of short films.  Choose the films you’d like to exhibit as part of a 90-100 minute program.

Step 2: Complete the brief online booking form below to schedule your event.  You will be asked to provide a date for your event and select the films you’d like to exhibit at your festival.  Please we note we charge a one-time $250 fee for providing the films that will screen at your festival.

Step 3:  We’ll e-mail you links to view each of the films you selected. The links will be active for a week after which they will expire. Please reply to our e-mail to either confirm the films you selected or to make changes to your selection. Once your selection is confirmed, we will send an invoice for the fee.

Step 4:  Using your final selections, we’ll create a DVD or other video format (depending upon the requirements of the venue you choose to screen the films)that you can screen on the date of your event.  Upon payment of the fee, we’ll ship you the screening DVD or other video format, a roll of raffle tickets, gift baskets you can raffle off, posters to hang up at the screening venue on the day of the event, T-shirts for selected members of your organization to model and an order form for you to record all orders from students and faculty that wish to purchase T-shirts, posters and DVDs. 

Step 5: Put on your film festival! Shortly after your event, collect the funds from those who have ordered T-shirts, posters and DVDs.  Calculate the wholesale cost of the order and remit that amount, along with the order form, to our main office.  Keep any remaining amounts for your organization. Within one week, we will fill and deliver your order.

Your organization can generate funds from the following sources: (i) sale of raffle tickets, (ii) box office admissions to the event, (iii) sale of our Urban S.L.A.M.,vol.1 DVD and (iv) sale of merchandise (i.e., T-shirts and posters).  You keep 100% of any funds from the sale of raffle tickets and box office admissions.  For the remaining sources, we price our DVDs and other merchandise to ensure that your profit is at least $10 per item:

  Retail Price Wholesale Cost
1 DVD - Urban S.L.A.M., Vol. 1 $20.00 $10.00
1 Urban S.L.A.M. T-Shirt $25.00 $15.00
1 Urban S.L.A.M. 11x17 Poster $20.00 $10.00


Date of Event
School Name
School Address
Name of Student Organization Sponsoring The Event
Sponsoring Organization's Website (If Applicable)
Position in Organization
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Choose any of the following titles (total running time should not exceed 100 mins.*)
The Date (TRT: 12 mins.)
The Box Preacher (TRT: 10 mins.)
The Marriage Counselor (TRT: 17 mins.)
Stone Mansion (TRT: 14 mins.)
Testify (TRT: 12 mins.)
A Single Rose (TRT: 20 mins.)
Gully (TRT: 12 mins.)
Shootout (TRT: 8 mins.)
The Engagement Party (TRT: 19 mins.)
The Tested (TRT: 29 mins.)
St. Paul (TRT: 20 mins.)
Yellow (TRT: 12 mins.)
* Total running times of over 100 minutes are subject to an additional $100 fee.
Screening Format DVD BetaSp Digi-Beta Other (Describe Below)